УМОВИ ВИКОРИСТАННЯ та ПАКЕТ ПОСЛУГ «Стандартний» - 29999 грн

Активувавши даний пакет, Ви отримуєте можливість користування картою АдвоКарт «GOLD», що надає право її пред’явнику на правову допомогу адвоката за Законом України « Про адвокатуру та адвокатську діяльність», а також надання юридичної допомоги спеціалістами нашої команди, в обсязі та на умовах надання послуг пакету «Стандартний».

Дана карта має свій індивідуальний номер і являється договором про надання правових послуг, укладеним між пред’явником та нашою командою, а також адвоката нашої команди на всій території України.

Термін дії використання карти та надання юридичних послуг становить 30 календарних днів від моменту першого звернення за правовою допомогою. Пред’явник даної карти має право після закінчення строку її дії, в односторонньому порядку визначитися із іншим необхідним об’ємом надаваємих послуг і їх вартістю в залежності від складності справи. Подальше представництво і надання послуг за всіма умовами можливе за домовленістю сторін.

Пред’явник карти несе відповідальність за правильне, раціональне її використання у кожному конкретному випадку і за її зберігання. У випадку втрати, пошкодження карти, Ви маєте можливість і право на надання юридичної послуги відповідно до наданого пакета, тільки при належному підтвердженні поважності обставин такої втрати у відповідності до вимог чинного законодавства України.

Активуючи дану карту і відповідний пакет послуг, пред’явник підтверджує свою згоду з усіма зазначеними умовами та чинними тарифами на юридичні послуги відповідно пакету.

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Впроваджуючи професійну діяльність з 2000 року, наша команда встигла напрацювати величезний досвід та значні показники ведення юридичного бізнесу.
















Ми пишаємося співробітництвом з нашими шановними клієнтами
  • Kristian G.
    Kristian G.
  • Wommersley Andrew Michael
    Wommersley Andrew Michael
  • This is my second testimonial for Oleshko & Skripka and I could not be more pleased to do it for them. For this current legal matter I worked with Nikita Zhukov. His English skills are excellent as well as his knowledge of Ukrainian law, very friendly and very efficient. Nikita solved a problem I was having with the electric company. They sold us a defective meter and did not want to honor the contract we signed with them. After months of calling and many trips to the electric company’s office, with no results, I contacted Oleshko & Skripka. Nikita answered me right away, examined our contract and promptly came up with a solution. The very first document he gave us yielded unbelievable results. The next business day after giving them this document, they came to our home with 3 technicians, the Chief Engineer, the manager of our local office AND an English translator! They repaired our meter on the spot and offered us numerous apologies. The manager also gave us her private phone number and told us to call her directly if we ever have any more issues. My only regret is not contacting Oleshko & Skripka sooner!
    David Bitler
    Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • I contacted Alexey Oleshko to help me review contracts from a building company that I wanted to use to renovate a property. Alexey was very quick to reply to my e-mails, and was very professional. He offered to explain his observations in both English and Russian. If you are a foreign citizen trying to do business in Ukraine, I highly recommend the use of Alexey as an Attorney.
    Julian Salter
    Great Britain 09/29/2017
  • I had matter to meet Attorney Mr.Alexey Oleshko of an excellent assistance I had in a case of my Estate heritage from my parents. I was very impressed and completely satisfied with his high level of Ukrainian and International Law knowledge. His respond and actions were accurate, prompt and professionally back grounded. I will highly recommended Ukrainian Attorney Mr. Alexey Oleshko and his team of great assistance to any of your legal needs.
    Nina I.Burns.
    USA Citizen, MA 05/15/2016
  • I am a British citizen who needed legal advice on my international marriage so that I could stay in the Ukraine with my Ukrainian wife. The Immigration service in Eastern Ukraine said we were not married and refused to give me a permanent immigration visa. After a long battle stating International agreements with the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, the immigration service of Ukraine still said we were not married. The British Embassy Kiev and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates were involved but they still did not agree. I then approached Alexey and his company and he looked into this matter, but he could not help, although his company, staff and legal expertise were excellent, very professional and speedy. They kept us informed at all stages of this issue and translated all documents into English so I could understand first hand. Their prices were good and fair much less than I would have paid in the United Kingdom, I would recommend to any Brits who need family or immigration advice in the Ukraine to speak with Alexey and his company.
    Trevor M Venables
    British Citizen 01/16/2017
  • I am a resident of South Africa and had a legal matter to be attended to in Ukraine. It was essential that this Ukrainian Lawyer/Notary speaks English and is able to correspond with my lawyers here in South Africa. On an internet website I found Lawyer/Notary Alexey Oleshko, indicating that he is familiar with the English language. I contacted him and he responded immediately. Explaining my legal matters was uncomplicated and his response was spontaneous and efficient. He handled the matter professionally and in a quick way, not wasting time. I can recommend Mr Alexey Oleshko for attending to any legal matters in Ukraine.
    Dr Heiner Lotze
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • I worked with Attorney Oleshko regarding obtaining service of process; sourcing of witnesses and interpreters and coordinating and taking a deposition in the Ukraine. I could not have effected the legal work that needed to be done without his invaluable services. I recommend him to anyone needing legal services in the Ukraine
    L. Lisa Batts
    Stuart Law Group, P.A. Stuart, Florida, USA
  • For person of interest I was an eight year visiting USA resident in Zaporozhye with past experience in USA law. I found Attorney Mr. Alexey Oleshko of great assistance to me in his knowledge of Ukrainian and International Law as I pursued by my own efforts in his excellent and friendly assistance.
    by USA Citizen Kent Kelley who is pleased to commend Attorney Alexey Oleshko to every person in need of sound legal counsel and representation. 21.04.2015
    Citizen Kent Kelley
  • Question: What do you do when you have a legal issue in another country? Answer: If it's in Ukraine, you contact Oleshko & Skripka. I had such an issue. I contacted Mr. Oleshko and retained the firms services. At all times the communication, service and advice provided by the firm was honest, straightforward, accurate and prompt. It was just what I needed to resolve my legal problem. They were a pleasure and an asset in helping me. I recommend them without question to assist you in your matters as well.
    Eric Flood
    USA, Pennsylvania
  • I am an American citizen living in Ukraine, I was in need of an English speaking lawyer as I was having trouble with a Ukrainian bank. I was on the US Embassy in Ukraine’s website and saw the contact information for Oleshko & Skripka. I called their office and talked directly to Alexey Oleshko. He was immediately very helpful and explained everything to me in terms I could understand and started working on my problem right away. If not for Alexey I’m sure I would still be fighting this bank...the “attorneys” in my small city did not care to help me. Since then, I have retained Alexey’s services for other situations and he was always straightforward, honest and very helpful. I highly recommend Oleshko & Skripka for any of your legal needs and always refer them to family and friends.
    David Bitler
    Dnepropetrovsk Region, Ukraine
  • Action sport holdilng 6 April. Ref: Alexei Leonidovich Oleshko/ Law firm of Oleshko & Skripka Action Sports Netting has been associated and working closely with Alexei Oleshko and the law firm of Oleshko & Skripka for the past few years. Our relationship, with Alexei has been of the up most professionalism in law and legal matters.   On a more personal note, I can tell you that Alexei's honesty, integrity and reputation in the industry is of the highest and his competence and capability of executing, performing and fulfilling his job exceeds all others. Alexei comes highly recommend by me and my firm. Respectfully, Dennis Bryan, President (посмотреть оригинал письма)
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