Accounting services

Taking into consideration the complexity of the current legislation in the accounting and a taxation fields, as well as the frequent accounting changes, the parties of the legal relationships have a lot of disputes with the tax authorities and the law enforcement agencies concerning the questions of the charging and discharging of taxes.

In order to reduce as much as possible the risks of the penalty paying in the field of accounting and taxation, our company offers you the complex of cervices which includes:

Organizing of control as to the representation of accounting transactions including all the spheres of business activity of a Client, be based on Client’s initial accounting

Consultations about the organization of the accounting of Client’s economical activity

Assistance in the making of general and tax reports on the basis of the initial accounting and entries

Implementation of the maintenance control concerning the procedure of drawing up the initial accounting documents, accounts and pay-roll records

Consultations on the questions of accounting and taxation

Supporting of the execution of financial and economic transactions

Planning and optimization of the taxation

Participating in the procedure of economic analyses of the Client’s financial and economical activity on the basis of accounting data with the purpose of revealing and elimination of the nonmanufacturing overheads and losses

Consultations on the changes of the current tax legislation and accounting

Providing our Client with oral and writing consultations on the questions of tax law as well as commenting and explaining of legislative acts and subordinate legislation

Consultations and support during the concluding of a wide rage of transactions and contracts, including foreign trade transactions

Preparing the legal arguments for the requests of the law-enforcement agencies and tax inspectorates

Tax inspection maintenance of the controlling units

Services on the representation of Client’s interests in the state institutions, other public organizations and different agencies

Deciding the issues on the defending of Client’s interests in court and other state agencies and institutions in the process of the appeal concordance of tax liabilities

In case if the judicial proceeding starts in spite of all the pretrial proceedings, our company offers you the cervices of an attorney and a court expert-economist.

Unfortunately many illegal acts of the tax officials, particularly during different tax inspections, until now are the norm of everyday business life. Therefore, tax disputes are the integral and imminent part of the business activity of many companies and business owners.

The conclusion of a court expert-economist in many cases is the main evidence in a legal case. Therefore, an impartial professional opinion of the court expert provides a fair and based on law judgment.

Within the tax disputes which are considered by the courts, the court experts are set problems of the researching of many accounting transactions with the purpose to economically classify these transactions.

the rate of a tax basis and taxes to pay;

influence of different transactions on the economical result of a taxpayer;

legality of implementation of the ordinary prices concerning the goods and cervices which is bought and sold by a taxpayer;

legality of accounting standards implemented;

presence of honesty and business purpose in the activity of a taxpayer (for example, during the procedure of recognition of void contract (transaction);

condition of the payments under public account;

other economical aspects of the economic activity which have an influence on the tax liabilities.

The success of a legal case sometimes depends on the court expert which is involved at the proper time. The conclusion of such court expert may become the principal argument during the pronouncement of a court's decision. The opinion of an expert, who is a deep professional, is based on the indisputable truth and, at the same time, on legal documents and data which are fixed in the accounting of a taxpayer.

Our company guarantees the participation of an experienced court expert-economist in the case at law.


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