Security outsourcing

"You have to pay for safety, but pay-off for its absence"

Winston Churchill

What is a security outsourcing?

The outsourcing in the security area is the complete or partial transfer of functions and management of economic, legal, technical, informational and physical security system to the outer contractor within a certain period of time. The contractor must provide a specified level of quality in the performance of these functions.

The work within the outsourcing area may be carried out both at the site of the customer and the company executor.

The number and qualifications of the security officers shall be determined by the head of the outsourcing company, employees are the regular staff of the outsourcing company. The ensuring Security Service with personnel does not affect the cost of services.

Outsourcing provides the necessary level of service regardless the employee's inoperability (illness, vacation or dismissal).

What is security outsourcing within the framework of cooperation with our company?

- It is your own reliable and professional security service!

Our outsourcing is a Security Service that is integrated into almost all departments of the enterprise and participates in ensuring of activities of its structural subdivisions.

The three "pillars" on which the security system of the enterprise stands are a security concept, legal support, and regular units. The latter include: the work of physical security, ensuring the regime inside the object, engineering support, private security which interacts with the enterprise audit division and other units.

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Loss prevention system

This is the complex of control actions carried out jointly by the security service, system administrators, bookkeeping and other enterprise's units in order to prevent loss of material values.

The system of accounting and control

We are talking about the arrangements, technical means, and regulations - legislative, professional, departmental and site, which are the base for accounting and control of the activities of the enterprise.

Personnel security

The staff selection system and organization of interactions on the enterprise, which will help to ensure the maximum economic benefits from its activities. Security officers carry out the qualitative reliability check of personnel recruitment and also work with the dismissed employees.


and also other involved specialists ensuring the physical, economic and technical security of the enterprise.

Technical and special means

of protection and security, as well as regulations governing their use.

Information security

It is a complex of measures directed to the protection of confidential information, as well as operational work for collecting, analyzes, and using information from various sources on suppliers, customers, competitors and the company's staff (including audio and visual monitoring of both company staff and security service personnel).

A separate structural unit of the Security Service is the Internal Collection Service, which operates on the principles and in accordance with the enterprise security outsourcing and is aimed to implement the collection and safe transportation of valuables from the objects where collection was performed to the Head Office of the enterprise, between structural divisions of the company, as well as when moving material values while carrying out banking operations of the enterprise, it is used to security escorts the authorized persons of the enterprise when visits to banks and other institutions. The internal collection service is also used in the implementation of currency exchange operations. All employees-collectors have the personal weapons, sufficient physical training, legal training, constant coaching, constantly being worked out scenarios for behavior in emergency situations, they are all drivers and their activities do not require separate driver unit.

Employees of the Security Service are in operational mode for 24 hours a day and in case of emergency situation at the enterprise, will arrive on the scene, set the post of physical security, ensure communication with law enforcement officers who will receive immediate support in crime investigation (in the case if it happened) and will be quickly supported by technicians of Security Service.

Three practicing lawyers work for 24 hours a day as a part of the Security Service, they provide the fastest response to the emergency situation with law enforcement. The presence in the Security Service of practicing lawyers-criminologists guarantees the legal support to employees and managers of the enterprise during various investigative actions in mode: the call- the lawyers arriving.

Our company can provide all services listed below under the contract for subscription services with the customer-defined frequency of services and also the scope of services will be dictated by the situation on the customer's enterprise. Most services can be included in the list of subscription monthly payment to an outsourcing company, in this case, the amount of such payment may be changed by agreement of the parties in connection with the change of volume and regionality of provided services.

  1. Forecasting of potential external and internal threats to economic security, assessment of negative effects, development of measures of prediction of threats and minimization of possible damage.
  2. Analysis of the company's accounting policies in terms of determination of opportunities for abuse of official position, embezzlement, commission of other illegal acts by employees of the company.
  3. Conduct of random inspection of the accounting organization and write-off of the company's assets.
  4. Selective participation in the inventory of the company's assets for verification of compliance with the regulations of inventory, assessment of appropriateness of count of commodities and materials, registration of inventory results.
  5. Conduct of internal investigations into discovery of shortage, embezzlement facts, damage of the company's assets.
  6. Investigation of incidents of causing economic damage as a result of acts or omissions of the company's employees, definition of opportunities and methods of reimbursement of the company's expenses.
  7. Analysis of the estimates for the installation of security, fire alarm system.
  8. Business intelligence of business partner.
  9. Business intelligence of the competitor:
    • assessment and forecast of development of the market, socio-political and criminal situation for the analyzed object;
    • obtaining information about possible actions of competitors, suppliers, customers and partners, information about the reasons for the behavior of their representatives;
    • assessment of possible scenarios and possible ways of counteracting the negative environmental factors;
    • information about actual risks of business, degree of probability of occurrence of hazardous events, expected value of damage;
    • development of effective methods of counteracting or mitigating of the effects of negative factors.
  10. Business intelligence of an investment project (is the most widespread in recent years).
  11. Provision of the service "Mystery shopper".
  1. Provision of legal security of all the aspects of the company's activity.
  2. Collection of information about the external environment of the business with the aim of timely response and minimization of potential risks.
  3. Interaction with law enforcement and regulatory bodies - Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor's Office, Antimonopoly Committee, etc.
  4. Consultation and physical assistance to managers of the company in case of occurrence of nonstandard situation.
  5. Analysis of the requests, received from regulatory authorities, development of further response strategies, coordination of the company's departments.
  6. Conduct of selective expert examination of contracts for compliance with the company's interests.
  7. Conduct of random inspections of counterparties, including the assessment of goodwill in order to prevent conclusion of transactions with unscrupulous partners.
  8. Organization of measures for prevention and timely response to the wrongful actions of intruders and competitors.
  9. Resolution of conflict situations in the company.
  10. Provision of the founders and directors of the company with the personal lawyer.
  1. Testing of candidates for key positions of top managers, heads of departments, as well as employees who have the right of access to confidential information of the company, before their hiring.
  2. Providing briefing when entering employment.
  3. Determination of the set of documents, necessary for examination and signing by new employees when hiring, regulating liability for disclosure of trade secrets.
  4. Conduct of investigations in case of occurrence of conflict situations between the employees of the company.
  5. Conduct of internal investigations into the disclosure of confidential information by employees of the company, the loss of official documents, etc.
  6. Conduct of inspections of the officials who, using their official position, have the ability to cause economic loss to the company.
  7. Preparation of dismissal of the employees, whose actions threat the interests of the company, in order to prevent the cause of economic damage.
  1. Determination of the company's information falling under the category of commercial and confidential information.
  2. Development and regulation of information security policy, bringing it to the employees, check of compliance with information security requirements.
  3. Analysis of the company's document management, including electronic, in order to exclude unauthorized obtaining of information that is a trade secret.
  4. Analysis of the technology of processing, transfer, distribution of the company's information in order to detect possible channels of leakage and other information security threats.
  5. In cooperation with the IT department of the client company:
    • assignment and differentiation of the employees' rights of access to the company's information, electronically stored on a network share;
    • carrying out of activities to prevent the leak of service information via the postal service;
    • prevention of access to the company’s servers both of third parties, and the company’s employees, who do not have the appropriate access rights;
    • control and management of access to the company’s network resources, making it possible to analyze the user activity after obtaining access;
    • ensuring security of information in case of provision of the employees with remote access to the company’s information resources.
  6. Protection of the company’s information (both electronically and in paper form), prevention of deliberate or accidental actions aimed at its misrepresentation, destruction.
  7. Identification and elimination of all possible channels of leakage of confidential information.
  8. Development of a plan of measures for protection of confidential information of the company in emergency situations, in case of inspection by regulatory bodies.
  9. Protection against possible "industrial espionage", leakage of information to competitors.
  10. Protection against wiretapping of the company’s objects, as well as cell phones of the company’s employees.
  11. Analysis of the company’s documents with the aim of identifying the documents, containing information, the leakage of which may harm the business reputation of the company; taking measures to eliminate the threat.
  1. Ensuring the safety of the company’s property, protection of assets, as well as protection of the company’s objects against theft, embezzlement, damage.
  2. Provision of technical protection of objects - security, fire alarm systems.
  3. Interaction with security agencies; assessment of the quality of their services, as well as the timeliness of the response in the event of threat.
  4. Selection of objects, which require the installation of video surveillance.
  5. Organization of video surveillance.
  6. Organization and installation of mobile video surveillance set in case of receiving information about inspection at the company or provocation of state services or competitors.
  7. Organization of physical security at the company, control of compliance with access mode.
  8. Organization of duty activity of the rapid response team.
  9. Immediate response to the illegal actions of criminals, competitors, unscrupulous buyers, aimed at destabilizing the work of the company, with the provision of evidences: photo, video, audio materials.
  10. Immediate tightening of security at stationary posts of physical security at the company in case of emergency situation.
  11. Immediate reinforcement of the incident response team of the security agency, arrived at the alarm system call and the adoption of measures for localization and liquidation of emergency situation.
  12. Provision of detective services with provision of the evidences: photo, video, audio materials, confirming the reliability of the data, contacts of the surveillance object, etc.


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