Legal services

Main legal services offered by the company

Timely, highly qualified comprehensive legal protection in all areas of the law

Services of a lawyer

Legal and accounting consulting services

Claims activities and actional services

Agency in court on the economic, civil, criminal and administrative cases

Arbitration proceedings

Court-appointed manager services

All types of legal examination of contracts and contractual documents, legal support of transactions

Court expert/accountant services

Coordination of staff attorneys

Support of real estate transactions

Operating executives services

Opportunity to keep abreast of changes in the legislation of Ukraine, constant updating of the regulatory framework and more

Additional services for Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea:

  • establishment of the fact of the birth of a child; registration of the birth of a child; receipt of the birth certificate of a child;
  • establishment of the fact of death of a citizen; registration of death; receipt of a death certificate;
  • establishment and documented evidence of other legal facts.

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All these services can be available to you under a contract for legal service in one of the following tariff packages: "MINIMAL", "STANDARD" and "LEGAL DEPARTMENT" that you can find in our price list of legal services provided by our company as part of our subscription service.

Options of cooperation


Also, we are ready to consider your suggestions about the form of cooperation. In our work we combine the best traditions of respect for the world and domestic law and innovation in finding the most suitable solutions for you.

For more than nine years of experience our clients have been and are by far the enterprises, organizations and institutions of all types of property including political parties and public organizations, the largest metallurgical enterprises of the city, businesses, manufacturing plants and enterprises of the automotive, trucking and auto repair businesses, agribusiness companies and oil refiners, banks and companies operating in the securities market.


  1. With time-based pay for our staff, the time is indicated according to the report of the lawyer (attorney) that provided the services.
  2. Deadline does not consider untimely submission of documents by the client and deadlines missed by relevant state bodies competent to issue a decision.
  3. The final sum is not the final verdict that is not subject to appeal, it only helps you calculate your costs. In some cases, we can meet your needs, but sometimes you should be ready to act likewise.
  4. All amounts are exclusive of travel expenses, required fees and duties, hospitality expenses.
  5. During representation on property claims the company reserves the right to compensation of up to 20% of the amount recovered in favor of the client or the amount of minimized loss of the client.
  6. The list of services is not complete.
  7. Payment for services is made on the basis of 100% prepayment.


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